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The Colleges were the first in the nation to offer a minor in Men’s Studies. The program allows students to explore the identity and experience of men including male risk taking, brotherhood, collegiate masculinity and critical issues such as heterosexism, homophobia and gender identity and expression. Men’s Studies courses contribute in a unique way to understanding expressions of masculinity and analyzing societal gender roles.

Experiential EducationUnderstanding Identity

Attend guest lectures on Black masculinity at the Fisher Center for the Study of Gender and Justice or discuss the role of men in the family at the Intercultural Affairs Center.

At Hobart and William Smith, learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms and into the community, with local resources, organizations and across the world.



No Borders:Global Education

Study theories of masculinity in Jordan or solutions to problems based in cultural oppression and prejudice in Vietnam.

Wherever you go, our top-ranked global education program will allow you to apply classroom knowledge, develop cultural understanding and build global connections that expand your personal capacity and sense of purpose.


Belonging, Diversity and Equity

The men’s studies program is foursquare in the coordinate college framework. It originated in a series of symposia sponsored by the Hobart Dean’s Office and transformed into courses offered at the Colleges more generally. The men’s studies department is pro-feminist and intellectually and socially allied with the Colleges’ women’s studies department,” -Jack Harris, chair of Men’s Studies.



Learn the theories and implications behind men and masculinity in society.

MNST 101 - College Men: Campus Life and the Quest for Manhood 

Explore the gendered lives of college men as they experience campus life in their quest for manhood.

BIDS 245 - Men and Masculinity

Study masculinity in American society and its many incarnations through race, ethnicity, and sexuality and the problems it raises for men and women.

MNST 301 - Theories of Masculinity 

Examine several theories, or general explanations, of men’s identity and experience and masculinity itself across multiple methodologies, ideologies, and schools of thought.