Blocker Fellows Reflect on Revelations

Blocker ShowcaseReturning Blocker Fellows reflected on their experiences studying abroad in Germany during a student showcase earlier this semester. Named in honor of the generosity of Julius G. Blocker ’53, the…
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Foreign Language Scholars

David Lahmani 'X, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies Eric Lynch and French Fulbright Professor Roxana Nabati make crepes during "Crêpe Franco-Fête" in the Global Perspectives Theme House.As a top producer of Fulbright scholars among the student body, the Colleges are also host to a different cohort of talented Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) hailing from the…
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First American Football Game

Res26530Just as the second half of the Saturday night football game began – under the lights and in the pouring rain – Friederike Jandewerth stepped on Boswell Field to have…
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First German Area Studies Honors Projects

Res26283In preparation for the spring 2017 Senior Symposium, Lauren Carr ’17 and Zachary Grattan ’17 will begin working on German area studies Honors projects representing the first of their kind…
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Freedom of Mind: HWS Faculty Guide Prison Education

Res26113Associate Professor of English Laurence Erussard taught two sections of a course on medieval literature this past spring. On paper, the classes are indistinguishable. Students in both sections have the…
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