August 27, 2007


Dear Hobart and William Smith Community,

I am pleased to provide this update on our Enterprise Information Systems Program. As I mentioned in my introductory letter on this program last year, the purpose of this effort is to provide the various constituents of the Colleges with new and updated information tools and processes in the areas of Recruitment, Admissions, Registration, Student Advising, Financial Operations and Human Resources Management. One of the key elements of the program is the implementation of the PeopleSoft software suite.

Beginning in early 2007, HWS personnel working on the core implementation teams began extensive training to learn the capabilities of PeopleSoft.  Following the completion of this training, these teams began the work of configuring and preparing the PeopleSoft systems for HWS operational use.  During the late Fall of 2007 and continuing throughout 2008, these new systems and processes will be enabled in a phased manner across the institution.  As I’ve mentioned previously, this is a major undertaking and we are committed to helping everyone through the transition.  As this implementation occurs, faculty, students, and staff will receive training in the use of these new systems and processes.

Earlier this year, a number of general orientation sessions were conducted that provided a high level overview on the program.  Any group or department that would like a repeat of this session, or to have a session customized to a specific audience, can do so by contacting Sandy Bissell, director of human resources.  The project web site also contains summary level information on the project and its progress.  I encourage you to discuss with Sandy any questions or concerns you may have, or if there is additional information you may require.

The successful and timely implementation of PeopleSoft will require everyone at HWS to participate and support this important effort.  On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I look forward to working with you to advance Hobart and William Smith in this critical area.






August 2006 Letter from the President


If you have questions or comments about the Enterprise Information System, contact HWS Program Manager Marie Benesh.


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