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With our interdisciplinary approach, ideas constantly merge and spin off in new directions. A lunchtime conversation leads from the dissolution of MTV to the policies of the IMF. An internship in the Big Apple leads to an independent study on fruit fly genetics. 24 hours on a bus to rebuild homes in New Orleans leads to two design studios on architecture and the environment. Get the idea?

On any given day at Hobart and William Smith, students:

  • Attend forums with national and international journalists, politicians, authors, scientists, athletes and academics.
  • Investigate career options through dozens of Professionals in Residence events happening every semester.
  • Get involved in more than 90 clubs on everything from public affairs to ultimate Frisbee. Don’t see something that catches your attention? We’ll help you start your own club.
  • Participate on 24 varsity teams, dozens of intramural sports, or head out to our athletic facilities to cheer on their friends.
  • Take advantage of residence halls that are single-gender or co-ed, or one where residents share an interest in a similar theme or cause. Some of the residence halls are in historic buildings while others are new and nationally recognized for their impact on student life.

In short – we give you an endless array of options for exploration. Which ones you choose is entirely up to you.


Student Life

Hobart and William Smith offer a variety of resources to help students make the most of college—from top-notch health care to delicious dining options.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the left side of this screen, check out some of these other student services: