Good FM-AM-AUX Stereo Radio I bought this radio besucae1. This is from Sangean2. Digital Tuning with frequency display3. Stereo Speakers4. RDS Info Display5. Can be used as a mobile phone/laptop speakers6. Looks sophisticated and modern7. Alarm8. Black version available against the white oneThe overall built quality is excellent and has a metal body. You can feelthe richness. It has an ergonomic tuning and volume knob both has a softrubber feel. Nice to hold. The tuning jogs up/down .1MHz steps and can feelthe click. Interesting feature is the frequency scan. You can push thetuning knob and it lands to the next audible station! This makes the frequencyexactly to the .1MHz frequency. Then you can easily long press the memory buttonand store the station into the memory! Cool.One of the greatest features of this radio I liked is its Aux connection. ie. you canconnect your mobile phone/mp3 player and Laptop using a 3.5mm male to male connector(need to buy separately). I bought an 8ft cord.I ordered it when I ordered the radio.It plays the MP3 songs from my mobile phone nicely. Another interesting thing I do isI put Internet radio on my Android phone and play it through the Aux speakers.This opens a huge world of Internet radio!The biggest drawback I would like to notify the Sangean company is that the Bass toneis hardwired into the circuitry. There is no Bass/Tone knob. At least the Sangeancompany can hard wire a bass+treble audio so that it&aposs neither bassy nor trebly My Suggestions for Improvement to Sangean. (Hope they read these feedbacks)1. Add a Bass/Tone knob.2. Toggle switch to keep the display lights always on.3. RDS to display below the frequency which is done nicely on Android phone FMradio application. ie. RDS/frequency and time need to be displayed together.Right now RDS info comes after seconds you tune the station.4. Battery Re-charge feature.5. Five more buttons to store the memory. ie. at least 10 FM stations are okay.Five is very less these days.6. The frequency scan by pushing the tuning knob is very hard. Make it soft.To Summarize, this is a very good radio with just one drawback.The audio is bassy. If you like bass audio, then its okay. It is goodfor speech. It makes the speech soft. For music, it requires treble response, so thatthe instruments will be more clear. The stereo capability is noteasily noticeable on speakers.Compared to other FM radios in this price range, this is the best available in themarket today.I think the black version is new. Black is beautiful and looks sophisticated. My laptopand mobile phone are all black. White looks odd, and everyone notice it.Black is cool and you can take it anywhere.I give only 4 stars besucae of the bassy audio quality and make Sangean toadd a bass/treble knob. Once this is done, I am sure, this radio will bethe best in the world in this price range.Hope you find this review useful.Update:The memory is not stored permanently. When the unit is switched off today and then switched on tomorrow, all the memories goes EMPTY.This is very disappointing. Not sure, whether this is a defect. If you know about this, do let me know.

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