Sankofa: Black Student Union

Every semester we hold an annual event. During the fall we host kwanzaa, where african americans celebrate their cultural heritage. During spring semester we host charity ball, where we have important guest speakers and performers in order to raise money for the charity we are supporting. During both semesters we have various events in order to bring the campus together such as parties, cook-outs, meetings, etc.

Mission Statement:Sankofa’s vision is to educate ourselves as well as others on African Americans history. As a cultural club we focus on bringing awareness to some of the stereotypes thrown in the direction of people of color which sometimes have tremendous impact on this group of people. With that being said, Sankofa strives to defeat these stereotypes that negatively impact African Americans through integrating annual events/dinners, on campus activities and community outreach. Through these means we hope to create a support system for people of color.

Contact Afrika Owes, if you would like to receive further information about meeting times and upcoming events.