Shelley Haley at HWS as Melvin Hill Professor

The HWS community will welcome Melvin Hill Visiting Professor Shelley Haley for a week-long campus visit Monday, March 24 through March 28, culminating with a public lecture, "Against All Odds: Black American Women Classicists in the Nineteenth Century." Haley's lecture will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26 in Albright Auditorium. Hosted by the Classics Department, her visit is made po...
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"Ghosts in Togas" Returns to HWS

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are pleased to announce the 14th Annual "Ghosts in Togas" lecture on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The much-anticipated lecture, held in honor of Halloween promises to provide the campus with a fascinatingly gory - and informative - evening. Visiting Assistant Professor of History Sarah Whitten will give a talk, "Beheading, Violence, and Mediterranean Historiography in Early...
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Digital Map Focuses on Antiquity

Some 1,800 years ago, the Roman Empire thrived in lands along the Mediterranean and across huge swathes of what is now modern-day Europe. After centuries of prosperity, the once mighty Empire headed into decline. But it left a lasting footprint - an impression that Assistant Professor of Classics James Capreedy says can be better understood by using digital technology to map the ancient world. In...
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Dinosaur Exhibition by Alum Lauded

Beth Stricker '07, director of exhibitions at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, N.Y., led the efforts to create the unique traveling exhibition, "Did Dinosaurs Poop?" which was recently honored with an Award of Merit from Museumwise. The regional nonprofit organization is dedicated to making New York State museums better. "We are very excited about winning this award," says Stricker, who was the...
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Innovative Teaching/ Deeper Learning

Playing and analyzing Xbox 360 games in class is helping students grasp the pervasiveness of stereotypes. Giving up texting, meat-eating and driving is spurring firsthand understanding of environmental issues. Exploring Roman history through digital mapping is bringing long-ago places to life. Those examples of creative teaching - which grab students' interest, push them to ask better questions a...
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