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Unprecedented Detection of Colliding Neutron Stars

Penn_Steve_Ligo_4In the quest to understand the nature and origins of the universe, scientists have made the first detection of both gravitational waves and light arriving from a single cosmic event,…
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Viewing Germany from the Blocker Showcase

Blocker_WilliamsCam_3Each year, the Blocker Fellowship funds student participation in an HWS-sponsored study abroad program in Germany. Thanks to the generosity of Julius G. Blocker ’53, the funds enable students to…
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Recent Grads Begin Medical, Dental School

Medical_StudentsWith a robust scientific foundation and career guidance through the Health Professions program, recent Hobart and William Smith alums are beginning the next phases of their educations at Columbia, Brown,…
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Penn Hosts Major Scientific Discovery Event

Associate Professor of Physics Steven Penn welds the suspension of a LIGO coating sample. The sample has a conductive coating, developed at Stanford, which allows stray charges on LIGO mirrors to be neutralized.In the ongoing research to understand the origins and the nature of the universe, the detection of gravitational waves – ripples in spacetime – has been a pivotal discovery. On…
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Hebb Advancing Exoplanet Research

Hebb_Leslie_6Assistant Professor of Physics Leslie Hebb is collaborating with a group of scientists from across the country on a project that improves — with previously unattainable precision — the ability…
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