21 February 2022 Another HWS Debate Team Victory

HWS Debaters win Pre United Asian Debating Championship.

Sreyan Kanungo ’23 and Sarim Karim’ 22 teamed up with Josh Kemp, a graduate from London School of Economics, and recently won The Cross Debsoc Pre United Asian Debating Championship tournament on Sept. 26. This was the first time the trio debated together.

The international Asian Parliamentary debate competition that’s held online in Indian Standard Time featured 50 teams from three continents. “It was a highly competitive tournament that featured internationally recognized debaters who were previously crowned Asian champions and World Finalists (ESL),” says Kanungo, who along with Karim were recently named eighth in the World Finalists (ESL).

Debate topics ranged from discussing complex economic issues about whether or not the African Union should adopt a single currency to more micro social issues about whether or not glorifying long-term relationships is a good thing.
The team had a stellar run all throughout the tournament where they qualified as the top team in the tournament moving into the knock-out rounds. Kanungo and Karim also ranked as the 10th best and the 11th best speaker of the tournament respectively.