As startup ideas develop and business models emerge, it becomes critical to get advice from experienced mentors and subject matter experts. Over time, mentors not only strengthen your startup, but they can help you build your own personal mentor and advisor network; your inner circle of people who will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

The MentorConnect program provides HWS student entrepreneurs with connections to alum mentors that can assist in developing sound startup business models and plans for execution. These mentor relationships are intended to provide seasoned advice and mentoring as student teams develop new ideas and launch new ventures. Students will receive feedback, insights, and skills development to increase the chances of future startup and career success.

MentorConnect also begins the process of students building their own personal mentor network. Mentor relationships with experienced for-profit or non-profit alums help students not only learn about the startup process, but also gain personal advice, and establish and expand their mentor network through valuable connections from our alum mentors.

Once matched by Centennial Center staff, students can expect a 3-week mentor engagement that will provide detailed learning around your startup idea, its related ecosystem, and potential business models. Mentoring topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Your startup idea
  • Startup ecosystems
  • Defining potential target customers
  • Possible business models
  • Customer discovery
  • Pricing models
  • Sales channels
  • Marketing techniques
  • Conducting meetings
  • And much more

How HWS MentorConnect Works

  • Submit a request to the Centennial Center by emailing
  • Meet with a Centennial Center representative to establish goals for the program.
  • You will be matched with an HWS alum mentor.
  • Get started! ... reach out to your mentor, schedule your meetings, and get connected!

Expected Outcomes for You

  • Improve and advance your entrepreneurial idea through this rapid 3-week engagement.
  • Gain real-world knowledge on specific subjects from experienced industry mentors.
  • Complete the initial stages of developing your personal mentor network.

Program Duration

MentorConnect is available upon student request at any time throughout the academic year and the formal mentor engagement will last approximately three weeks.