HWS Shuttle Service

The shuttle operates a fixed route with fixed stops throughout the academic year. Campus Safety organizes the operation of two shuttles, one of which is handicap accessible. The shuttles are owned by Finger Lakes Limousine and operate according to the days and times listed in the schedule below.

The hours of operation will remain the same as previous years:

Day and Start Time Day and End Time
Sunday at 7 PM Monday at 12:30 AM
Monday at 7 PM Tuesday at 12:30 AM
Tuesday at 7 PM Wednesday at 12:30 AM
Wednesday at 7 PM Thursday at 12:30 AM
Thursday at 7 PM Friday at 1 AM
Friday at 7 PM Saturday at 2 AM
Saturday at 7 PM Sunday at 2 AM

You will no longer need to call for a ride but you will need to plan ahead and be at the designated shuttle stop when the shuttle is scheduled to arrive. Drivers must maintain a tight schedule in order to arrive at the stops on time. Drivers are not allowed to stop anywhere other than the shuttle stops and will only wait a minimal amount of time at each stop. Drivers may not stop if they do not see any passengers waiting and they need to make up time to get back on schedule.

The shuttle stops and approximate times that the shuttle will arrive are listed below. A shuttle will stop at each destination twice an hour (once every half hour) from 7 pm until the scheduled end time (see above hours of operation).

Location Time
Scandling Campus Center Every :00, :30
NW Corner of Pulteney and St. Clair Every :02, :32
William Smith Circle Every :04, :34
McCormick Parking Lot Every :09, :39
Odell’s Village Every :13, :43
Geneva Movieplex in the Tops Plaza Every :18, :48
Wegmans Every :23, :53
Bristol Field House Every :28, :58
380 South Main St. (William St. side) Every :33, :03
Geneva Hall Every :36, :06
Bampton House Every :38, :08
Stewardson House Every :40, :10
Houghton House Every :43, :13
Goldstein Family Carriage House Every :44, :14
Katherine D. Elliott Studio Arts Center Every :45, :15
JPR/Sherrill Every :48, :18


Campus Safety Officers are available to act as an escort for students with special needs and any students when they require a safe way to get around campus, especially students who are walking alone after dark.

If you need an escort, please contact the Office of Campus Safety (ext. 3656) from a safe location and wait there until a uniformed officer picks you up. Campus Safety does not typically provide this service during the hours that the Campus Shuttle is operating unless there are unusual circumstances.


  • Walk in pairs (trios are better); do not walk alone.
  • Walk in well-lit areas
  • Plan your route. Remember the location of safe areas and emergency phones.
  • Use designated walkways.
  • Tell someone of your destination and expected time of return.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Do not stop for strangers.
  • Do not hitchhike.